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Nathan Cooksey
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Nathan Cooksey is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s degree in counseling  from Texas Woman’s University.  Nathan also has a Master’s degree in music from Southern  Methodist University and a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin.  Nathan enjoys working with individuals who are struggling with self­ compassion and  selfesteem, as well as people who are facing depression, anxiety, and other life adjustment  challenges.  He has a special passion for working with adults, adolescents, and children impacted by trauma,  and has extensive experience working with survivors (and their loved ones) of sexual assault, sexual abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence at Denton County Friends of the  Family. Nathan aims to provide a safe and compassionate space for clients while assisting them in achieving a deeper understanding of themselves.  This includes exploring and proccesing current struggles and past events, while also focusing on and learning to utilize strengths. Nathan believes in working together to facilitate any necessary processes of healing on the path  to self­ compassion and acceptance.    Nathan provides individual counseling for adults and adolescents, and play therapy for children.  (minimum age of 3).   Nathan contracts with the following insurance companies: